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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

J'accuse: Accuse and Propose

“J’accuse”, is  the Giordano Bruno University open forum of  discussion inspired by the famous Emile Zola letter
denouncing the false accusations against Captain Dreyfus, victim of  19 century  French antisemitism.

Giordano Bruno in his time was condemned and executed by the Catholic Church in Rome because of his honest beliefs  and convictions which 400 years later appeared to be fair and true.

This open forum is dedicated to the free thinkers of the World who are hereby invited to express their griefs, opinions and proposals on all political, social, economic and religious matters about the World we live in.

We expect you will proceed in this forum, with respect, tolerance and fairness in order to build an interesting and
constructive discussion towards the creation of a better World.